BitSoft 360 Review 2022 – Good Platform or Not?

Are you confident in your Bitcoin trading skills? Are you confident enough in yourself to make use of a well-designed platforms for trading and making informed decisions based on a thorough examination?

If the answer to this question is no or yes then you might want to look into incorporating BitSoft 360 in your plan for the future. For beginners Bitcoin has an abundance of resources for education to aid you in understanding the basics of Bitcoin and how they relate to the general trading system.

If you’ve got the basics down and have been trading for a few months, there are plenty of knowledge that can help you comprehend the market as well as possible.

BitSoft 360

Let BitSoft 360 Be Your Guide to Realizing Your Trading Potential!

It isn’t easy to locate a reliable trading platform for people who want to test things out as far as Bitcoin is involved. One of the biggest concerns is that of credibility. Unfortunately, criminals who are aware of how attractive the idea can be, sometimes create fake platforms that swindle innocent customers out of their cash.

Although there are some that are legal there are often doubts regarding their use effectively. The interfaces aren’t the most user-friendly anywhere, and the features don’t necessarily have to be diverse.

In addition, they may be unsuitable for one group or another instead of being accessible for all. For instance, if you offer a discount for beginners but you’ll often see that traders with experience can’t profit from them.

On the other hand in the event that they are designed to accommodate experts, then the basic method of learning that novices require is not present.

What Is BitSoft360?

BitSoft360 is an all-inclusive trading platform designed to promote the growth of Bitcoin traders, rather than providing them with a platform to communicate in the marketplace.

Don’t be misled, this doesn’t mean that your trading won’t be made easier. Actually, it’s actually the opposite. While you will not interact directly with any exchange however, you’ll still be able to invest however you like and decide which trades you want to be carried out.

But the real value of BitSoft360 is evident in the videos, documentation, and other resources that were specially designed to help traders improve their abilities and become better analysts in the marketplace.

Creating BitSoft360 Account

Before you can begin benefiting of the benefits BitSoft360 can offer You must first establish your account. This is an easy three-step procedure. It is in the following manner:

  1. Make an account with BitSoft360. It is necessary to fill out the quick sign-up application. The information you have to fill in include your email address, password you want to use, and your name. The submission will send you an e-mail confirmation with the link to take users into an KYC procedure. When you complete this process, it will register your account.
  1. Of course, no trade could be conducted without an account that is adequately funded. Your initial deposit should be at least $250, however there is no limit. Thus, your investment can be as large or tiny as you want to.
  1. After the above steps are completed After that, you are assigned a broker to contact you. The goal of this conversation is to help you understand the way things work in BitSoft360. The most important thing is that any trade you wish to make will be handled by your broker , based upon your instructions. You will also be given the consultation session will help you understand the requirements of.

BitSoft360’s Platform Compatibility

Do you require tethering yourself to a computer to access BitSoft360? The answer is a resounding no! In the present world, which is becoming increasingly mobile every good trading platform has to be accessible to its users no matter where they happen to be.

This is exactly what BitSoft360 did and that’s why it can be used on any device that has the internet. If you are traveling and you have just a few minutes to make use of your mobile it will be able to log into your account and use it the same way as you’d be in a computer.

An Intuitive Interface

One of the aspects that will stick out during the BitSoft360 customer experience will be the simplicity that this platform provides. It’s supposed to assist you in becoming a better trader. So, getting through it should not be a hassle.

The design and colors that are used are rational as are the user options for interface that you will be presented with. Even if you’ve not used it before you’ll be able to find the way to navigate.

Beginner Friendliness

The layout and workflow of BitSoft360 are extremely helpful for beginners. There is no prerequisite knowledge to make the most of the trading platform specifically designed to fill the gap in knowledge between novice users and their more familiar counterparts.

Final Remarks

It would be difficult to find trading platforms that are as easy to use and conducive for learning, as the BitSoft360. If you are looking to become self-sufficient as a trader and comprehend the external and internal elements that influence the business and the market, then this is the place you should be.

El Grupo ETC coloca el ETP de Ether en el Xetra de Deutsche Borse

El Grupo ETC coloca el ETP de Ether en el Xetra de Deutsche Borse, el ETP de Bitcoin de la compañía ya tiene 1.000 millones de dólares de capital acumulado

La empresa de servicios financieros Etc Group lanzó el martes su producto negociado en bolsa (ETP) de Ethereum, con liquidación centralizada, en el mercado Xetra de Deutsche Borse.
Etc Group lanza un producto cotizado de Ethereum

La cotización sigue al éxito del ETP de bitcoin de la firma, que se lanzó en la misma bolsa en junio de 2020. Ese producto negociado en bolsa de Cryptosoft bitcoin ahora tiene 1.000 millones de dólares de activos bajo gestión (AUM), dijo.

En un comunicado de prensa, Etc Group, con sede en Londres, reveló que el producto cotizado en bolsa de éter (ticker primario: ZETH), sigue el precio de ethereum (ETH) y está respaldado físicamente al 100% por la criptodivisa.

Los ETP permiten a los inversores exponerse a un activo, en este caso el éter, pero sin tener que comprarlo directamente.

Aprobado por Bafin, el regulador financiero alemán, cada unidad de ZETH está respaldada por ethereum almacenado en el proveedor de servicios de custodia Bitgo Trust Company, „dando al inversor un derecho sobre una cantidad predefinida del ETH subyacente“, dijo la compañía.

„Liquidez similar y márgenes ajustados como el producto físico de Bitcoin de Etc Group

Los agentes de valores o los bancos asumen la custodia del ZETH comprado a través de sus mesas en nombre de los inversores. Con su nuevo producto cotizado en bolsa de Ethereum, Etc Group se dirige especialmente a los inversores institucionales, que hasta ahora parecían inclinarse mucho por el bitcoin.

„La cotización en Xetra es especialmente importante para los inversores institucionales, ya que ahora pueden exponerse al éter y negociar un producto de calidad institucional con una liquidez y unos diferenciales similares a los del producto físico de bitcoin de Etc Group“, explica.

El ETP de éter se distribuirá y comercializará en una plataforma operada por Hanetf, un emisor privado de fondos cotizados aprobado por la Unión Europea. El pasado mes de junio, Etc Group cotizó su ETP de bitcoin, o BTCE, en Xetra, convirtiéndose en el „producto más negociado en el segmento ETN de la bolsa en el segundo semestre de 2020“. BTCE también cotiza y se negocia en la bolsa suiza SIX.

Además, el competidor 21shares, formalmente conocido como Amun, lanzó esta semana un ETP de éter, junto con un ETP de bitcoin cash (BCH) que cotiza en Xetra de Deutsche Borse.

Bitcoin cai para $ 45K na sequência de queda de preços de 20% do BTC

Uma recuperação falhada acima de $ 50.000 parece virar o nível de volta para a resistência, já que $ 47.000 se torna um novo foco de preço.

O Bitcoin ( BTC ) estendeu suas perdas em 23 de fevereiro, com a pressão de venda levando os mercados a menos de US $ 47.000 pela primeira vez em mais de uma semana.

O mergulho fresco leva BTC / USD a mínimos de 8 dias

Dados da Cointelegraph Markets e TradingView pintaram um quadro sombrio para os touros na terça-feira, com o BTC / USD atingindo baixas de US $ 45.000 no Bitstamp.

As perdas reverteram uma recuperação que interrompeu a queda dos preços de 20% na segunda-feira, de altas de quase US $ 58.000. Bitcoin saltou em $ 47.400 no dia para voltar a $ 54.000 antes de uma nova queda tomar conta.

No momento em que este artigo foi escrito, $ 47.000 estavam novamente atuando como alguma forma de foco para suporte, com a trajetória ainda obscura em meio à alta volatilidade.

A análise das posições de compra e venda produziu pouca esperança para conter as perdas caso esse nível caia, com falta de suporte abaixo de $ 46.500.

$ 50.000 definidos para se tornarem resistência novamente

Para os analistas, no entanto, mesmo a perspectiva de um retrocesso mais sério não era nada a temer. Em comparação com as quedas de preços anteriores, a atual foi uma queda no oceano.

„Já vivemos 2018 e 2019. Isso não é nada“, resumiu o analista da Cointelegraph Markets, Michaël van de Poppe, aos seguidores do Twitter.

Em uma atualização do YouTube, ele previu que o Bitcoin Trader pode ter o que é um comportamento clássico para o mês de março, que tradicionalmente vê correções.

„Aproximando-se da região de rejeição do Bitcoin. Acho que estamos próximos agora“, acrescentou outro tweet .

„Zona de resistência em $ 48.500 e $ 51.000.“

Como relatou a Cointelegraph , as teorias que explicam a desaceleração variam de vendas de baleias a ciclos naturais de mercado.

Bitcoin (BTC) exceeds $ 35,000 and becomes one of the ten most capitalized assets in the world

Bitcoin (BTC) has been breaking record after record since crossing the $ 20,000 threshold less than three weeks ago. It has just crossed 35,000 dollars, and is now in the top 10 of the world’s most capitalized assets.

Bitcoin (BTC) bounces above $ 35,000

As we explained to you yesterday, Bitcoin (BTC) had stalled once the $ 30,000 milestone was passed on January 2. The next day it hit the threshold of 35,000 dollars , raising fears of a prolonged decline. But the largest cryptocurrency managed to break through the barrier less than three days later.

This morning, the price of Bitcoin stands at $ 35,100 , an all-time high. The capitalization of the digital currency is now over $ 652 billion . Over the last 24 hours, this corresponds to an increase of + 14%:

Bitcoin joins the big leagues

As noted by the AssetDash site , which lists important assets by market cap, Bitcoin is now in the top 10 of the most capitalized assets in the world . This morning, it even managed to overtake Alibaba Group Holding, which still dominated it a few hours ago. It is preceded by the stocks of the biggest heavyweights in their respective sectors, including Apple , Microsoft , Amazon , Alphabet A ( Google ) and Tesla :

Asset ranking by Bitcoin BTC capitalization

Cryptocurrency still has a ways to go before it catches up with Google and Amazon, but it could soon overtake Tesla, which “only” has a capitalization of $ 696 billion .

This shows the incredible trajectory of Bitcoin, which has exploded all of its records in just over two weeks. Altcoins are far behind, with the exception of Ether (ETH) , which now sits at number 75 in the rankings: it has taken almost 10 spots in the space of a few hours. This morning it has a capitalization of 131 billion dollars. The price of ETH also seems to be holding above $ 1,100.

Un guide étape par étape de l’échange Binance – Partie I

Binance est l’un des échanges de crypto-monnaie les plus célèbres qui offre une expérience de trading sécurisée et rapide à ses utilisateurs. L’échange prend en charge plus de 200 crypto-monnaies.

Ethereum Code est un échange de crypto-monnaie tiers qui permet aux utilisateurs d’acheter / vendre un grand nombre de crypto-monnaies ainsi que de la monnaie fiduciaire.

Il s’agit de l’un des échanges cryptographiques les plus rapides et les plus importants (en volume d’échanges) au monde

Fondée par Changpeng Zhao en juillet 2017, la bourse Binance était initialement basée en Chine, mais en raison de la réglementation croissante, la société a maintenant déménagé son siège social dans la nation insulaire européenne de Malte.

En plus de prendre en charge un grand nombre de paires de crypto-monnaie, la plate-forme offre des frais de négociation très bas et des fonctionnalités de sécurité avancées. Ainsi, en 2,5 ans, la plate-forme a gagné une adoption significative parmi les utilisateurs de crypto et est devenue le plus grand échange de crypto en volume de négociation dans le monde. Actuellement, la plate-forme gère environ un volume quotidien moyen de 2 milliards avec plus de 1 400 000 transactions par seconde.

BNB est le jeton natif de la plate-forme Binance et est utilisé pour payer les frais de transaction sur l’échange.

Nous créerons une série de guides explorant chaque détail de l’échange Binance.

Cependant, il présente certains points négatifs:

Centralisé et gardien

Failles de sécurité dans le passé. Cependant, la plateforme a annoncé la création d’un «fonds d’actifs sécurisé pour les utilisateurs» (SAFU) qui stockera 10 pour cent de tous les frais de négociation pour couvrir les pertes dans des situations extrêmes.

Pour utiliser Binance Exchange, accédez à cette page .

La page de destination de l’application ressemble à ceci.

Three serious competitors for Ethereum in 2021

Three serious competitors for Ethereum in 2021

Ethereum has become the block chain of choice for many developers of decentralised applications (dApp). Ethereum has by far the largest developer community, even surpassing that of Bitcoin. However, there are more and more serious projects that could put Ethereum in the shade. The three most promising Ethereum competitors under the microscope.

After several years of development, the first phase of Ethereum 2.0 has been launched. A major upgrade is planned for 2015 and the fact that it is far more difficult to change the engine in a moving vehicle than to build it from scratch speaks for itself. This is why many former ETH developers have taken the opportunity to develop Bitcoin Circuit their own block chain. Will Ethereum lose its first-mover advantage?

Cardano vs. Ethereum

Cardano (ADA) has been one of the most promising smart contract platforms in crypto space for some time now. The project was originally founded by the mathematician Charles Hoskinson, a co-founder of Ethereum. Charles Hoskinson left Ethereum in 2014 and subsequently created the profit-oriented IOHK Foundation.

The crypto currency ADA has been in the headlines more and more this year as Cardano introduced the Shelly-upgrade on his Mainnet. Shelly enables Cardano’s staking and, like Ethereum 2.0, is just one of many phases. Shelly is only the second phase of the ADA update and three more upgrades will follow. In the end, Cardano will be a scalable block chain on which smart contracts can also be programmed.

In addition, Cardano ultimately wants to operate an on-chain governance model in which every ADA holder should be able to participate. In the future, Cardano will probably be best suited for applications in the financial and organisational sector. This is because Cardano, unlike Ethereum, is programmed in Haskell. Haskell is a programming language that is particularly suitable for business applications and data analysis.

Tezos vs. Ethereum

Tezos was founded in 2018 and the foundation behind Tezos is located in Zug, the crypto-valley of Switzerland, as is Ethereum. Arthur and Kathleen Breitman developed Tezos. However, the early years of the Blockchain project were often marked by internal power struggles between the Breitmans and the Tezos Foundation.

Tezos works with a delegated proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, which it calls „Liquid Proof-of-Stake“. However, researchers have found that although Tezos does not have the same degree of decentralisation as Ethereum, it is more decentralised than many other DPoS block chains.

This is mainly due to the fact that Tezos has not set a limit on the number of nodes. This means that Tezos can become more and more decentralised as its size increases. Tezos and Ethereum 2.0 could therefore compete with each other in terms of security and decentralisation in the future. The main difference between the two block chain projects is the on-chain governance model of Tezos.

When the Breitmans designed the Ethereum competitor, their vision was that the Tezos platform could upgrade itself independently. The aim is to create a competitive block chain that can effectively develop from within. Each Tezos holder can vote on what should happen next with the platform.

In contrast, Ethereum has always had off-chain governance. In all probability, this will not change so quickly in the future. Nevertheless, it is unclear which system will prove to be superior to the other.

Polkadot, the ETH killer?

Gavin Wood is the co-founder of Ethereum. After working as Chief Technology Officer of the Ethereum Foundation for several years, he felt that Ethereum’s design was ultimately limiting. For this reason, he designed the Polkadot white paper in 2016. He chose the name Polkadot because it is a pattern with no beginning and no end that picks up the understanding of decentralised applications.

According to the cryptoanalysis company Messari, Polkadot is a block chain project that clearly stands out from the competition:

It stands out absolutely, both from a design point of view and from the size of the community around Polkadot.

More than 250 projects, ranging from Stablecoins to social networks, will be built on the network launched in May, according to the Polkadot Project tracker. This is an incredible increase. While developer interest in Bitcoin and Ethereum has declined, the number of monthly active developers on Polkadot has increased by more than 40 percent since the project was launched in May.

Instead of running apps via Smart Contracts running on a block chain as Ethereum does, Polkadot allows each app developer to create his own block chain. These blockchains are interoperable, which means that they can communicate with other blockchains. This makes it possible for developers to design their blockchains individually. For example, it is possible to determine how high transaction fees are or how quickly certain transactions can be confirmed.

Le Venezuela augmente les paiements de Bitcoin pour les importations en provenance d’Iran et de Turquie

Le président du Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, affirme que le pays „utilisera toutes les cryptocurrences du monde“ pour contourner les sanctions américaines.

Selon un rapport d’enquête de, le Venezuela a l’intention d’accroître son utilisation de Bitcoin pour payer les importations afin de contourner les sanctions financières imposées par les États-Unis., qui a été fondé par le journaliste d’investigation vénézuélien Nelson Bocaranda, a cité des sources anonymes de la banque centrale du pays qui affirment que „les paiements aux entreprises de pays alliés tels que l’Iran et la Turquie ont été effectués en utilisant des bitcoins“.

On ne sait pas exactement en quoi consistent ces importations, mais la Turquie et l’Iran fournissent actuellement au pays de la nourriture et du carburant en échange d’or.

Le gouvernement du président vénézuélien Nicolás Maduro a fait la promotion de sa monnaie d’État, la cryptocarte „Petro“, prétendument garantie par le pétrole, comme moyen d’échange à la fois international et national depuis le lancement du jeton en 2018. Cependant, la mauvaise adoption du Petro a forcé le régime à explorer d’autres actifs cryptographiques, dont Bitcoin et Ethereum.

Maduro a commencé à menacer publiquement l’utilisation de Bitcoin et d’autres actifs cryptographiques comme moyen de contourner les sanctions en septembre, proclamant que son administration allait bientôt „utiliser toutes les cryptocurrences du monde, publiques, étatiques ou privées, pour le commerce intérieur et extérieur“.

Le 8 octobre, l’Assemblée nationale du Venezuela a adopté la loi anti-blocage, accordant des pouvoirs exécutifs supplémentaires pour contourner les sanctions imposées au pays, y compris pour autoriser la création ou l’utilisation de tout actif cryptographique comme instrument monétaire.

Le gouvernement vénézuélien a créé son „Centre de production d’actifs numériques“, un entrepôt minier de Bitcoin en novembre, alors que le pays a accru sa dépendance aux cryptocurrences.

La semaine dernière, le gouvernement vénézuélien a lancé son échange de cryptocurrences, soutenu par la Surintendance nationale de la cryptologie, pour permettre aux citoyens d’échanger des bolivars contre des bitcoins.

L’Iran a également mis en place une loi permettant d’utiliser le bitcoin pour payer les importations, dans un effort pour réduire la pression sur l’économie déjà fragile du pays.

Brett Tejpaul sees an explosion of capital from institutional investors

Brett Tejpaul, Coinbase’s Head of Institutional Coverage, revealed an explosion of capital from institutional investors.

Coinbase’s Head of Institutional Coverage, Brett Tejpaul, indicated that institutional investors‘ interest in cryptomonies has tripled. Indeed, since he joined Coinbase in April 2020.

Specifically, in an interview published on Friday with Elisabetta Bartolini of Heidrick & Struggles via the YouTube channel, Tejpaul detailed some of the main areas of growth in Coinbase.

In fact, Tejpaul came to Coinbase after 25 years in sales and trading in the traditional financial markets. He spent nearly 17 years at Barclays and 9 years at JPMorgan.

In a way, he explained that he joined Coinbase six months ago. And now he is responsible for growing the institutional adoption of cryptomoney, in sales, trading, custody and prime.

„We’ve had an explosion of activity. Since I joined in April, our institutional assets under custody were $6 billion. Today we are at over $20 billion“.

In short, Brett Tejpaul emphasises that institutional interest in the space is multiplying week by week.

In addition, he added that they are currently measuring the fresh capital coming into the crypto-currencies that are allocated mainly to Bitcoin in billions. Therefore, they have had an explosion of incoming capital from institutional investors.

How is Tejpaul being prepared?

In the same vein, Tejpaul explained how Coinbase has been preparing for the flood of institutional money into their partnerships. Also, how to deal with government regulation.

„In early summer we acquired an implementation platform called Tagomi. It radically transformed our ability to serve institutional clients“.

By this time, Shan Aggarwal, Coinbase’s Head of Corporate Development, said: „We will be integrating the Tagomi platform into our product suite. It will form the basis for the future of our institutional trading business.

Continuing the theme, Brett Tejpaul also commented to Elisabetta Bartolini that adding JPMorgan Chase as its banking partner and Deloitte as its auditor, has given Coinbase more compliance credibility.

Interestingly, both firms went through a one to two year period of due diligence. This was to ensure that they had the correct KYC (know your client) and AML (anti-money laundering).

Rising events

Tejpaul also highlighted the recent bullish events in crypto space. Starting with hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones, who said in May that he placed about 2% of his wallet in Bitcoin.

„Jones‘ decision was important. Because it served as a business card for other traditional macro companies, who are thinking of Bitcoin as a store of value.

He also mentioned MicroStrategy, which invested $425 million in Bitcoin Machine. And he made cryptomoney his main reserve asset of the Treasury.

Similarly, Tejpaul said he has seen direct results from PayPal jumping into crypto space. And he indicated that when these prestigious entities enter the space publicly, he encourages other institutions to follow their example.

To conclude the interview Brett Tejpaul said, „I have really unleashed a second wave of institutional adoption.

I leave with this quote from Benjamin Graham: „Successful investments are about managing risk, not avoiding it“.

Os aglomerados de baleias Bitcoin mostram que estes são os fortes níveis de apoio

Os clusters de baleias mostram que as áreas-chave de apoio a curto prazo para Bitcoin são $16.694, $16.411 e $16.064.

Desde que atingiu a marca de $19.484, o preço da Bitcoin Bank tem lutado para recuperar o nível de $17.000 a $18.000. Como o preço continua a cair, os comerciantes estão visando os níveis de apoio fundamentais para determinar onde os comerciantes irão comprar se o preço da Bitcoin (BTC) continuar a cair.

Os níveis de apoio imediato com base nos aglomerados de baleias são $16.694, $16.411 e $16.064. Abaixo do suporte de $16.000, $15.355, $14.914 e $13.740 poderiam servir como áreas de suporte macro.

Os grupos de baleias se formam quando as baleias acumulam BTC e não movimentam seus fundos recentemente adquiridos. Os aglomerados também indicam onde as baleias compraram por último, significando áreas de apoio potenciais.
Aglomerados de baleias Bitcoin. Fonte: Whalemap

$16.411 é o nível a curto prazo a ser observado para Bitcoin

O preço do Bitcoin tem mostrado um impulso cada vez menor nas últimas 24 horas. Após uma correção tão importante, é de se esperar alguma consolidação à medida que o preço busca a estabilidade.

Uma tendência positiva é que os compradores têm defendido agressivamente a área de apoio de 16.411 dólares, que é marcada por aglomerados de baleias. Isto mostra que há demanda suficiente de compradores no mercado para evitar um recuo mais amplo, pelo menos no curto prazo.

Em 27 de novembro, a Bitcoin testou a faixa de apoio de $16.200 a $16.400 duas vezes em um período de 22 horas. Ambos os testes tiveram uma resposta decente dos compradores, já que a BTC subiu acima de $16.800 em ambos os casos.

Durante a maior parte do dia, o Bitcoin permaneceu acima de $17.000 e atingiu um pico de $17.400, mostrando sinais de que a BTC está recuperando seu impulso.

Ainda assim, alguns comerciantes não estão descartando a possibilidade de o BTC cair para as áreas de suporte macro inferior. Um comerciante pseudônimo conhecido como „Wolf“ disse que o gráfico semanal está mostrando sinais de sobre-extensão. Como tal, ele disse que a região de 13.000 dólares poderia ser testada. O negociante explicou:

„Diferentemente de $ETH, $BTC parece muito distante do 21EMA semanal, ainda longe de um suporte interessante. Minha entrada ideal seria o grande suporte delineado @ 13k’s. Atualmente, poderíamos manter o suporte semanal 16213, depois ir mais baixo para uma correção ABC“.

Outro comerciante pseudônimo conhecido como „Crypto Capo“ sugeriu uma tendência semelhante. Ele disse que vê um cenário em que o BTC sobe para $18.000 e depois cai para a região de $13.000.

$BTC USD 6 Horas

Uma ação de preço interessante significa uma análise mais técnica. Espero que a tendência se esfrie aqui. $17214 é o nível chave a ser observado, fechar diariamente aqui embaixo e espero que nos movamos para testar o nível 0,382.

Os comerciantes esperam que a consolidação da Bitcoin dure por semanas

Embora existam previsões de curto prazo de baixa por parte dos investidores de longo prazo da Bitcoin, alguns analistas técnicos dizem que a consolidação poderia durar um pouco.

Michael van de Poppe, um comerciante em tempo integral da Bolsa de Valores de Amsterdã, disse que o mercado enfrentou um recuo saudável. Após a correção, Poppe disse que a consolidação poderia durar várias semanas. Ele disse:

„Relaxe e diminua o zoom, o mercado está fazendo uma correção saudável e dando a todos uma grande oportunidade de investir“. Não seja impaciente, o mercado fará um fundo natural para confirmar que está dentro“. Leva apenas semanas“.

No curto prazo, a área de interesse imediato para os compradores continua sendo os três níveis de agrupamento de baleias a $16.694, $16.411 e $16.064. Se o BTC cair abaixo destes níveis de forma convincente, a probabilidade de uma correção mais profunda poderá aumentar significativamente.

Após a queda acentuada no preço do Bitcoin, os aglomerados de baleias mostram várias áreas como níveis de apoio chave. Estes níveis poderiam permitir que a BTC se estabilizasse e recuperasse seu impulso a curto prazo.

Simple“ project: Spanish national logistics platform to implement blockchain

Puertos del Estado awarded Indra the development of a project called „Simple

In Spain, Puertos del Estado awarded Indra the development of a project called „Simple“. This is a Spanish national logistics platform that will integrate information on the activity of goods transport and logistics. This is what Merca2 reported.

As explained in the article of Merca2, the new technological platform will be developed in a period of 30 months. „It is promoted by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda and will extend the current single national maritime window of State Ports to all modes of transport and agents in the logistics chain“, they detailed.

In Spain, Port of Barcelona uses blockchain technology for union elections
„As advocated by the public company, the platform will ensure interoperability between the different actors involved in the transport of goods at national level, as well as their integration at international level, allowing the optimisation of the supply chain, effectiveness, efficiency and security in transactions through the blockchain“, they added.

It is expected that „Simple“ will guarantee and enable real-time knowledge of the traceability of goods, documentation and information.

Canadian Pacific joins the TradeLens platform based on Blockchain
„In this way, it will help to ensure the transparency and inviolability of transactions, both for national and international flows of goods entering, leaving or passing through Spanish ports or by land transport, both road and rail“, they specified in the publication.