Bitcoin (BTC) exceeds $ 35,000 and becomes one of the ten most capitalized assets in the world

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Bitcoin (BTC) has been breaking record after record since crossing the $ 20,000 threshold less than three weeks ago. It has just crossed 35,000 dollars, and is now in the top 10 of the world’s most capitalized assets.

Bitcoin (BTC) bounces above $ 35,000

As we explained to you yesterday, Bitcoin (BTC) had stalled once the $ 30,000 milestone was passed on January 2. The next day it hit the threshold of 35,000 dollars , raising fears of a prolonged decline. But the largest cryptocurrency managed to break through the barrier less than three days later.

This morning, the price of Bitcoin stands at $ 35,100 , an all-time high. The capitalization of the digital currency is now over $ 652 billion . Over the last 24 hours, this corresponds to an increase of + 14%:

Bitcoin joins the big leagues

As noted by the AssetDash site , which lists important assets by market cap, Bitcoin is now in the top 10 of the most capitalized assets in the world . This morning, it even managed to overtake Alibaba Group Holding, which still dominated it a few hours ago. It is preceded by the stocks of the biggest heavyweights in their respective sectors, including Apple , Microsoft , Amazon , Alphabet A ( Google ) and Tesla :

Asset ranking by Bitcoin BTC capitalization

Cryptocurrency still has a ways to go before it catches up with Google and Amazon, but it could soon overtake Tesla, which “only” has a capitalization of $ 696 billion .

This shows the incredible trajectory of Bitcoin, which has exploded all of its records in just over two weeks. Altcoins are far behind, with the exception of Ether (ETH) , which now sits at number 75 in the rankings: it has taken almost 10 spots in the space of a few hours. This morning it has a capitalization of 131 billion dollars. The price of ETH also seems to be holding above $ 1,100.